Imran Khan Campaigning For A Jew In UK Elections.

MARCH 13, 2010

Like every other Pakistani, i was quite suspect about the reality of Imran Khan, i alwayssuspect him of an agent of Jews but now it is clear, Imran Khan, when his party needs him for elections in NA-123, left his Party, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and Party Workers on Election Day and went to UK where he is campaigning for a Jew for elections, who is also the Brother of his wife Jemima.

Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith, a Jew by religion and a Playboy like Imran Khan is using Imran Khan for getting MUSLIMS votes, Imran Khan also took him to the Mosque, It is still unclear what Imran Khan is getting in return.

Now everything is clear, Imran Khan don’t want Peace in Pakistan, He supports Taliban Terrorists in Pakistan on one Hand, Promise to Impose Islamic Shariah if he comes into Power and on the other hand Campaigning for a Jewish Candidate and asking MUSLIMS to vote for him.

Imran Khan Divorced Jemima, but always stayed at Jemima home when he is in London, and both sons of Imran Khan is in the custody of Lady Jemima who after getting divorce from Imran Khan is making a good name for her self and how she is raising Imran Khan sons is also quite visible from these pictures.

It is now clear that Imran Khan is working on the Jews agenda to destabilize Pakistan and wants to destroy Pakistan and this is the reason he always supports Taliban Terrorists who are killing Pakistanis on Daily Basis.

Imran Khan you are Exposed Now.

First Meeting of Imran Khan with his Love Child

JULY 12, 2009.                                     , , , , ,, , , ,  .

Imran Khan the Crickerter turned Politician was continuously giving statements against Altaf Hussain and MQM just to get some Publicity, Not only this he is involved in mediating between two Haqiqi Terrorists factions as well.

Imran Khan is labelled as a womeniser all around the world he had affairs with many women and he also have a daughter  Tyrian born with out his marriage with Sita White.

In October 1998 Imran Khan went to meet her daughter for the first time, Hello Magazine Publish the whole story of Imran Khan’s first meeting with his Daughter Tyrian and also publish the pictures of Imran Khan with her Love Child.

For my readers i am posting all the pictures taken from Hello Magazine.Sitawhitegirlfriendimran7

According to Pakistani Constitution, A person only take part in Elections if

(d) he is of good character and is not commonly known as one who violates Islamic Injunctions; (e) he has adequate knowledge of Islamic teachings and practises obligatory duties prescribed by Islam as well as abstains from major sins

Mr Imran Khan according to 1973

Constitution You can not contest Elections.


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