Remarks of Foreign Affairs Adviser at Joint Press Conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry.


Thank you very much for being here this morning.

Let me begin by welcoming Secretary Kerry and his team to Islamabad for this Ministerial Review of the Strategic Dialogue.

We had a very useful and productive exchange of views on a wide range of bilateral issues. Relations with the US are a vital component of our foreign policy. The Strategic Dialogue provides us with a forum to discuss all aspects of our bilateral relationship. In our discussion today we took stock of the progress made in the six Working Groups within the Strategic Dialogue process since the last review in January 2014 and to identify areas for future collaboration and cooperation.

The Working Groups cover a wide range of issues including cooperation in economy, energy, defence cooperation, nuclear issue, counter-terrorism and law enforcement and the recently-established Working Group that focuses on education and science & technology.

We also discussed the regional situation. Pakistan wants peaceful relations with all its neighbours, both on our eastern and western borders. With India, we want a constructive, sustained and result-oriented dialogue on all issues of mutual concern. The cancellation of Foreign Secretary level talks by India, followed by the recent incidents of unprovoked and indiscriminate firing on the LoC and Working boundary are a source of serious concern to us. We hope that the US, as an influential member of the international community, can prevail upon India to work with Pakistan towards regional peace and economic prosperity

I also briefed Secretary Kerry about several positive developments in the past 3 months that have helped to improve Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan and emphasized the importance of larger assistance from the global community for reconstruction and development in Afghanistan. We agreed that peace and stability in Afghanistan was an essential pre-requisite for stability in Pakistan and the Region.

Secretary Kerry welcomed the resolute steps initiated by Pakistan to counter the menace of terrorism through the National Action Plan and related measures. slider-1-24-03-2014(1)

We agreed on the importance of expanding trade between the two countries. I urged Secretary Kerry to consider various proposals to provide greater market access to Pakistan and said Pakistan is eagerly awaiting the joint US-Pakistan Business Opportunities Conference in Islamabad in March 13, 2015.

1. After Peshawar tragedy, the government decided to implement the death sentence of those convicted in cases of terrorism and the implement has been started.

2. Due to some legal loopholes, the terrorists involved in serious offences continued to evade the sentence. Therefore, the special trial courts under the supervision of army officers are being established so that the criminals could meet their fate wiothout any delay. The duration of these courts would be two years.

3. Militant outfits and armed gangs will not be allowed to operate in the country.

4. NACTA, the anti-terrorism institution will be strengthened.

5. Decision has been made to take strict action against the literature, newspapers and magazines promoting hatred, decapitation, extremism, sectarianism and intolerance.

6. All funding sources of terrorists and terrorist outfits will be frozen.

7. The defunct outfits will not be allowed to operate under any other name.

8. Decision has been made to establish special anti-terrorism force.

9. End to religious extremism and protecion of minorities will be ensured.

10. Arrangements are being made for registration and regulation of religious seminaries.

11. The promotion of terrorists and their ideology on both print and lectronic media will be banned completely.

12. Administrative and developmental reforms will be brought in FATA for repatriation of internally diplaced persons as first priority.

13. The communication netweork of terrorists will be dismantled completely.

14. Urgent measures are being taken to discourage promotion of terrorism through internet and social media.

15. No room will be left for the extremism in any part of the country.

16. Ongoign operation in Karachi will be taken to its logical end.

17. Balochistan government is being fully empowered by all stakeholders as part of larger political reconciliation.

18. Decisive action is being taken against the elements spreading sectarianism.

19. Besides the first phase of their registration, a comprehensive policy is being formultaed for the Afghan refugees.

20. Process of bringing basic reforms in criminal courts system will be expedited to provide the provincial intelligence agencies access to the communication network of the terrorists and strengthen the anti-terrorism institutions. To implement this strategy, constutitional amendment and necessary legislation is also beign made. The courts, I talked about earlier, to be headed by army officers, will also required constitutional amendment for which a consensus among all participants has been evolved.

Inshallah, it was a historic day. By grace of Allah, tomorrow’s Pakistan will be very peaceful where our future generations will live a peaceful life. And I feel, a debt, we owed for long, is being paid back now. And Alhamdulillah, Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan is being developed on the lines as was envisaged by Allama Iqbal and practised by Quaid-e-Azam. We are going to get this honor.
I do not solely claim its credit rather it also goes to the whole political leadership including the military leadership that played a key role. Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef also deserves felicitation.

I am determined not to let our terriroty used for terrorism. I expect that no other country will also allow its territory be used for terrorism inside Pakistan. Peace is our asset and all of us will protect it.

Respected countrymen,

Being a father, I can understand how heavy these little coffins were for the shoulders of the parents.

I am conveying to the terrorists the decision of the nation that their days are numbered. Here, there is no safe haven for those attacking our future by targeting our children. Pakistan’s terriroty has been narrowed down to you. You will be given a befitting response for the pain you gave to the Pakistani nation by shedding the blood of innocent children.

By their sacred blood, our children have drawn a line putting the coward terrorists on one side and the Pakistani nation on the other.

Leading the war against terrorism as the Prime Minister is my responsibility and I will fulfill this responsibility at any cost.

Long Live Pakistan.


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