WordPress School: Categories and Tags


Lorelle on WordPress

Badge - Learn WordPress with Lorelle VanFossen at WordPress School.We’ve covered WordPress posts and Pages, the core content elements associated with a basic WordPress site. Today we are going to focus on posts, specifically how they are organized and structured within a WordPress site.

Categories are your site’s Table of Contents.

Tags are your site’s index words.

Honestly, it is that simple.

Think of your site as a book. Posts represent the pages of your book, categories are the chapters and sections, literally the table of contents, and post tags are the index words.

You open your refrigerator and find an eggplant. It’s use it or lose it time. You turn to your cookbooks to find a recipe. Where do you look?

It’s most likely that you open to the back of the book and the index pages, right? But what if the book you opened is dedicated solely to eggplant? You might open to the front of…

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