The Only Lies That Mattered: Brian Williams and What We Fact Check Now

When We Vote,Then Why Don’t ask for help.Too much rubbish To Harsh for technical politics.

First Draft

So Brian Williams is about to lose his job. Not, unfortunately, for being an overpaid and mostly decorative hairdo who complains about the Internet like he’s my grandpa’s age, but for making up/misremembering/embellishing a story that led to the deaths of absolutely nobody and changed the course of the war he told the story about not one little bit.

And no, for you in the cheap seats, I don’t think lying is nothing.

I think lying is everything.

And I think it’s very interesting, which liars we punish and which liars we forgive (or at least forget).

Judith Miller is writing a book about her lies. Unless I’ve missed it in that story, it will not be a one-sentence apology…

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