Opinion – Jeremy Clarkson’s road to ruin on Top Gear – Sydney Morning Herald – John Gelmini

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The BBC are not being entirely honest, as they are about almost everything else. Jeremy Clarkson is a boorish, loudmouthed, prone to racist misunderstandings in his remarks, whose Repton school education should have taught him to know better.

The BBC’s Top Gear producers knew what Clarkson was and encouraged him to behave in this way because they knew from public attitude surveys that many of the UK public share Clarkson’s views. By allowing Clarkson to rampage about with his equally silly co-presenters, the BBC gained viewers of this ilk, including the Prime Minister and his friends in the Chipping Norton set, who are people with more money than sense who perhaps imagine that anything outside of a 60 mile radius of where they live is Outer Mongolia and that anyone who is not like them is an inferior species of human being.

The wider viewership of this uninformative…

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